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Being Alert During Flood

Respect and prominence are at times not as heavily warranted to nursing assistant staff especially when opposed to superiors and other high-level colleagues. Currently, I teach hour long classes offered 4 times per week. I discuss several common problems with home-made MREs and show you how to avoid the problems. I list ways to protect yourself and family members, your valuables and offer suggestions on ways to avoid problems before they impact you. A brief discussion covers the pros and cons of carrying a firearm – since laws in the US vary so wildly, I cannot offer specifics for your area. This Chapter is a brief discussion of safety issues faced by those displaced by a disaster. In this Chapter, I discuss the common, lightweight tools you should have on hand for use in a disaster. As a Certified Disaster Recovery Planner, I’ve spent years advising major corporations and written more than a few Response, Recovery and Restoration Plan set. Susan has graciously allowed me space on her blog to post the following set of documents – something I hope you not only find useful, but take advantage of to do your own preparation for future disasters.

I discuss the documents you should have with you, and what other measures you can take to safeguard important documents such as birth certificates, DD-214s from military service, marriage certificates, insurance papers and so on. The capstone project for the book is to build a take away ‘bag’ with the essentials for four days for one person using all of the information covered in the book. The capstone project assumes you have transport. You will also learn how to tend to and care for people who have been poisoned, burnt or are in a state of shock. This will prove helpful for those players that actually need the immediate assistance of the healer. I have my kit in my mother’s handicap van in the even that she or dad need a quick fix to any minor incident they might encounter. Children will need to be amused during the time that are in the home and parents will want to know their children are cared for in the case of a minor emergency. First aid. Any one-time treatment and subsequent observation of minor scratches, cuts, burns, splinters, and so forth, which do not ordinarily require medical care.

A first-aid kit should also include several days supply of any prescription medicines and medical supplies such as equipment for monitoring blood sugar and blood pressure if appropriate. I describe an advanced FAK, one that is layered – so that the supplies you do buy are appropriate and inexpensive. While you can make a very nice FAK for less than a commercial offering, training is one area where you are advised to obtain commercial training. As a former licensed EMT and having worked while in the military as a military medic, the focus here is on training. While a GPS receiver is nice, it does have some real-world drawbacks – I discuss those drawbacks. What if you have to flee your home? If your home is damaged, or destroyed, having the right papers can make a major difference in how rapidly your life can be restored. Using commonly available long shelf life commercial products, you can make your own tasty and easy to cook or heat to eat meals.

It’s a fact of life that we all have a paper trail following us through our life. Have you ever worked with visual mnemonic systems? If you have children, you already know dealing with a bored child is almost as bad a dealing with a bored adult. This service is designed so the Officials know about the special needs of your elder and can provide assistance if needed. This does not mean the trip will be without problems; boredom and hungry are major potential problems, and a flat tire can put a major damper on the trip. An inexpensive tarp and some cordage will go a long way to keep you out of the weather. This is the best way to stop doing them, promised! Under those conditions, priorities of action change, and the best way to approach such a situation is currently embodied in the Tactical Combat Casualty care model currently in use by the US military for the last decade-plus. Finally, a way to carry this that is both inexpensive and low key. I discuss some low cost and light weight items to carry that can make a difference in the inevitable down time faced when away from home and familiar surroundings.

I’m going to substitute them for plastic twine when I wrap my shrubs and dead branches for the trash or for when I make crappie beds under my boat dock! You’ll also want to state that you’re going to call the next level of care. First aid action on these case are control of bleeding, care for shock, splint affected area to prevent further movement (without causing further pain to victim) and cold packs may help reduce pain and swelling. There may even be be loss of consciousness. I even discuss crystal radios for fun and battery free listening. I discuss common map products, then provide a listing of where and how to obtain free or low cost map products for your use. Thanks, I’m glad that it was helpful; feel free to share! To warm the affected area slowly, to prevent further tissue damage. This will be a series of 12 guest posts, each covering a specific area.