Online CPR & First-Aid Certification Courses

I gave in to my children’s request for a pet and that’s why we now have two cats. But I’ve been carving about 10 years now and am getting good. Once the new teacher is hired, the first two years of full-time teaching are a probationary period, before receiving a permanent certificate. Dogs are not dumb enough to sleep on top of a tire on a car.(lost 3 cats that way many years ago.)Dog poop and pee does not stink as bad as cat poop and especially their cat spray. I will make a confession, though–my two cents worth isn’t worth two cents; I’m allergic to dogs AND cats! My sister-inlaw has two great but bashful cats. So I tell her if those two don’t straighten up I’m going to make me some slippers. You rush to the phone, and make the call to “911” for emergency medical response. You need to make sure that the supplier you are hiring is licensed and he keeps the products that are not expired. Just such as the first response professionals medical personnel need to undergo advanced first aid training such as CPR.

More commonly, you will just need to protect a wound from infection. These offer protection not just for the patient from infection but also for the giver of first aid. In addition to knowing basic first aid skills, becoming certified in CPR is a great skill as well. Hi CMHypno. A first class hub, so well researched and presented. A well raised cat will be very affectionate and can be a truly great friend to have. I have a best friend cat named Simba. Cat’s are by far the best at training humans. The best location is on the femoral artery. Pet owners have used raisins as a training aid, and in error some have used them as a snack alternative for their dogs. As a dog owner you may not realise that both grapes and raisins can kill your much loved pet by bringing on rapid kidney failure (within 24 hours of consuming the fruit). I much prefer cats to dogs. Information on grape toxicity in dogs – Are raisins and grapes poisonous to dogs? The end result in nearly all reported cases of grape or raisin toxicity is acute kidney failure. Secure the end with a rubber band and decorate with pretty ribbon.

I do not have cat anymore that climbs up in my attic and spray and poop all over my storage of clothing. Other obvious risks occur in kitchens where saucepan handles stick out over the side of the hot plate, or where pets can climb to ‘investigate’smells or interesting items. He definitely confirms why cats are the better pets! But none of my dogs have killed other people’s pets! Many dogs naturally love eating raisins and grapes and will seek them out; from the fruit bowl or growing in a vineyard on the vine. Toxins in grapes, raisins or sultanas can cause renal failure in dogs. If some time has already passed before you notice that your dog has ingested raisins or grapes, rush him to the vet immediately. Look out for repeated vomiting or hyperactivity as a sign your dog has consumed grapes or raisins. Be aware that both grapes and raisins should never be used as treats for your dogs as anything over 2 ounces can be fatal.

Meanwhile, CPR and first aid training courses that are available on the Internet offer some advantages over those that are provided through a classroom setting. That’s why having someone at your site who can deliver first aid quickly and effectively is so important. Finally, call the emergency number if someone is attacked by a dog or wild animal, including a snake or venomous insect. Portable toilets, weather radios, sandbags are also essentials in an emergency. For this reason, it is important to know what to do if you are driving and become caught in severe weather. These in turn are supplemented by excellent wildlife documentaries and animal cartoon cinema extravaganzas. Our homes are full of items which can cause burns – hair straighteners, kettles, toasters, electric heaters. Me, I hiked the whole trail with just some band-aids, a little bit of Ibuprofin, a small tube of Neosporin, and some blister care items like Moleskin and Second Skin. The giant Umzimvubu River winds its way into the ocean off to one side of Second Beach, depositing silt in the bay, cloudying the water. In the rural areas where there is no provision for piped water supply, properly maintained tube wells will serve the purpose.

I hope you will take a look at my hubs about Paco. I can’t have a cat right now, so I’m trolling the hubs reading about them. Casey White; thanks for reading and commenting. Tell me what you think, thanks and enjoy! Very cool learning tool. Pcunix; cat people are cool! Taking a course on first aid and CPR can help you help the people you encounter on a daily basis. There are more organisations looking to provide staff with the basic teachings in first aid. It therefore is important that all employees not just Alsco’s First Aiders know not to treat possible choking victims as ‘just joking’. You should know how to treat cuts scrapes and blisters, how to deal with muscle pulls and strains, how to deal with injuries involving bleeding and how to handle victims with broken bones. First Aider training is generally provided by attending a course, typically leading to certification. Formerly Level 1 (or ‘Basic First Aid’, or ‘Basic Life Support’) this is a one-day course covering primarily life-threatening emergencies.