Importance Of First Aid Kits And First Aid Refills

The Planeterra Foundation was developed by G.A.P Adventures, and provides us as a company, our travellers and other donors with a way to give back to the people and places we visit on our tours. As a company that strives to give back to local communities, developing our own foundation has long been on the agenda and is now a reality. If you do take a photo, offer to send copies back to them and make sure to follow through with your promise. Most places that offer first aid training also offer the AED course separately. Meanwhile, CPR and first aid training courses that are available on the Internet offer some advantages over those that are provided through a classroom setting. However, first aid services cannot be provided to the patient if you have not taken adequate courses. Travellers will also have the opportunity to visit Cusco, a women’s weaving project in the Sacred Valley and the lost city of Machu Picchu . Planeterra in Africa In 2006, we will be expanding the scope of Planeterra to support community and conservation projects in Africa. The Planeterra Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of people and communities around the world through support of community projects, local organizations and international charities.

You may also ask your Tour Leader for recommendations about where to find local markets, stores and cooperatives. Because of providing such clear and easy notes, students never find online notes tough or unexplained. Danielle, I appreciate that you took your time to educate us about the concept of sustainable tourism and what all of us can do to show respect to the people and places that we have the privilege to visit. Danielle, kayaking in Patagonia, Chile – Protect local water systems Use only biodegradable soaps and shampoos while camping. Learning about the customs and a few words in the local language can go a long way and is appreciated by the local people. Learn a few phrases Take the time to learn about the country you are visiting. You must provide accurate and sufficient supplies in emergency storage, if you are a business partnership. I have a secure trap door in the safe room that has to be unlocked before you could use the emergency exit.

Don’t forget that a first aid kit should truly prepare you for the worst, but at the same time have things for the more common situations which will present themselves. Parents often send their children out into the streets, since a child can make more than their parents make begging on the street. 100,000 to help build a home for street kids in Peru Every year donations made to the Planeterra Foundation are dispersed amongst the community projects and international charities that we support. 100,000 which will be used to purchase land and build a home for street children in Cusco, Peru. Is there a nearby emergency clinic or hospital that will admit victims of emergencies from your workplace? And these are life skills that you can use anywhere – not just in the workplace. We are working together with Inti Runakunaq Wasin (IRW), Quechua for “house of the people of the sun”, a local non-profit organization that acts as a haven for children who live in extreme poverty. It is important to have first aid kits, because they allow someone who is injured, to be rapidly treated with basic first aid, before they can be properly treated at the local hospital.

It is better that you take free trial classes so that you can have information regarding their course structure and facilities to train you for critical medical emergencies before you actually enroll yourself for the course. Tour Operation: 1 Visit at least one officially established protected area on each tour and provide information on such areas to our clients. Try downloading the Canadian Red Cross First Aid App for all the information you need. Given the limited space in an automobile, the first aid kit you keep in your car doesn’t need to be as elaborate as the one you have at home, but it should contain the essentials that follow. PROJECT PERU Travellers have the opportunity to work alongside local host families to build a Peruvian cooking stove. Respect cultural differences Local customs and traditions may be different from our own. Travellers may also have the opportunity participate in other cultural aspects of village life such as learning to make tortillas with the women, helping with the corn harvest, and teaching English to the children. Children are given the opportunity to voluntarily drop-in and participate in a variety of classes and workshops that teach them valuable skills including reading, writing, carpentry, handicrafts, shoe repair, cooking, music and English.