How Dangerous Camping Can Be

The more people who know the tools and techniques that could help save a life in emergency situations, the better. These easy-to-learn first aid techniques can give you the confidence that you need to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) when someone suffers from a cardiac arrest. Beshear declared victory last week after the initial vote count showed him up by roughly 5,000 votes, but Bevin refused to give in, demanding a statewide recanvassing. I think we found a high school student who will give him lessons once or twice a month. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, oversaw the first phase of the impeachment effort, which concluded with public hearings last month. We’ve covered the first five and we’ll eventually go up through at least Abraham Lincoln. First aid tape has an unlimited number of uses, from a makeshift splint to taping on gauze. Then we went over some of the basic first aid measures you should take if bitten by a venomous snakes. A few days ago our first aid topic was on snake, spider and tick bites. I was going to put off even looking at the topic until the end of the week, for just a cursory check-in, like last week.

Right now we are going over some USA basics about the states and Presidents. Hong Kongers want to keep it that way, and have resorted to measures as innovative as they are desperate. They are considered to be ‘neglected’ because efforts to control or eliminate them have historically lacked sufficient investment relative to their impact. We are also learning a few basic facts about the US Presidents. For example, the OSHA courses have 10 hr to 30 hr training curriculum which gets completed in few days or week. If you have allergies or a potentially life-threatening allergic response to bee stings and such, make sure you have the proper medicine with you at all times. She never has to be reminded to practice and stops at the piano to play several times a day. DD is really enjoying the piano. She is really enjoying that and it looks like we’ll probably get a subscription once our 4-week trial period is over.

He is really enjoying it. We talked about how sick that can make you. You can remember them by thinking “Doctor’s ABCD” (for DRS ABCD). Especially at your business, if someone gets injured in your staff on the spot medical help can save the later medications and treatments. Snake bite is not just a medical condition. We’ve done some great experiments and will be sharing more about our geography, history and preschool activities in the next couple of weeks. Our main unit in history this semester is on the American West. ED has been doing some basic geography activities (again I’ll have more about this soon) for her main preschool work. The smugglers have absolutely no human compassion. That’s because we’ll be doing some hands-on stuff in a couple of weeks and I want them to have finished the book before we do the experiments and activities. We usually then do our morning projects (first aid, geography, experiments or whatever) together before branching off to the subjects the kids work on on their own (math, spelling/writing, music) as the day progresses. Then we have collection (which is our group time). I generally have to ask DD to find a book she wants to read, then she’s happily engrossed.

Then we talked about how to identify the more common spiders to be worried about black widow and brown recluse spiders. When you think about it, a walk in clinic is basically a hospital environment that is more prepared for a high volume of patients. If you think buying a home is a far tough procedure than selling one, you are mistaken. I think LD would be fine with either level, but I’m having him read the Pre-level 1 on his own. LD loves to read so he starts reading the second he hits the kitchen. DD started Irish dance lessons and loves, loves, loves it! Meanwhile, LD still loves the trumpet. All three kids still love gymnastics. The kids put on a gymnastics show for Grandma and Grandpa last weekend when they were here for a visit! The kids practiced taking a tick off me (a bean that I taped to my arm).

Avoid parking or taking shelter under highway underpasses! It’s no secret why some people succeed in life when others don’t. There are many people with basic entrepreneurial skills but need incubation and polishing in order to become effective entrepreneurs. I hope you’ll check in on us there! Sadly there is much stuff and nonsense mixed in like White Tiger breeding. In addition to gymnastics, ED has a music class with friends (much like Kindermusik). Booms serve like a wall to prevent the oil from leaking further. We always start with basic greetings and chit-chat (like “What day is it?” or “Today is cold.”) Right now we’re using a dictionary book that has great pictures. BRS physiology: this is a great book. Right now LD is reading the Lightning Thief while DD is reading a chapter or so each day from a Nancy Drew book Grams brought us. Right now LD is reading Real Science 4 Kids’ Physics book, while I’m reading those same chapters aloud to DD. ED did a little spider craft while the others were working on their math.