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Feel free to browse the contents and learn the techniques and procedures on providing care! Frankly speaking, no one is required to provider first aid care to a victim of injury or illness unless that person has the duty to act. This will help the person to get over the choking effect. Help for others – For obvious reasons, with proper knowledge and first aid training, the first aider can definitely help and provide life threatening care to any victims. However, this does not mean that you have to move the victim and bring it all the way to the hospital without first aid care. Never move any person unless it is necessary to prevent additional injury or death. Depending on what is there in front of you, you should take an immediate yet a wise call, and keep the injured person stable till help arrives. This situations apply when there is the presence of continues threat to the life of the victim or to you. Who knows, the life you save may be your own!

There are people who have taken first aid training simply because they are forced by circumstances such as work and other detailed assignments. There should be literature readily available for all employees in the event a situation arises as well as a record of the content of the first aid kits. From kits that can care for up to ten people to those for twenty-five or more people, these kits make it easy to care for minor injuries that happen on the job. With proper first aid training, providing the care would not be so difficult. Without first aid training, the aid we give to a victim may add additional injuries and worst may even cause the death. Take not however that in providing care, you should not add additional injuries. Doing so without proper assessment may worsen his condition or add additional injuries and would probably cause paralysis most especially if the victim has an injured spine or may cause death if the victim has cervical spine injury.

Before doing anything, the first aider must insure that the scene is safe. If the scene is unsafe, try to see if you can make the scene safe. You can also move the victim to a safe area if assuming you can do so without injuring yourself. Though moving the victim right away may create additional injuries, certain circumstances allow that the patient should be move. NEVER MOVE AN INJURED VICTIM! Once you have assessed that the scene is safe, you may now assess the victim and if necessary call for EMS this actually stands for Emergency Medical Services. If not, then call the emergency medical services. Pack heavier items towards the bottom of the ATV rack as a base; then pile lighter items on top. 1. Just because the company appears as a top listed Google advertiser does not mean the company is the biggest and best or that they have the right supplies at the right price. Help for oneself – by knowing the basics of care, a first aider will be aware of life threatening conditions such as heart attack, stroke and other medical emergencies and will be able to call for assistance right away.

Knowledge in first aid is of great advantage since this will help you save lives of others and perhaps even your own when an emergency occurs. The safety briefing is in line with the club’s commitment to help its members to be more aware on safety protocols and discipline. Nurcahyo Utomo, an investigator at the National Transportation Safety Committee. Safety Awareness – First aid training also involves safety. What Training Is Needed to Protect Workers? As a source of detailed information on hazards, they must be readily available to workers during each work shift. No matter how refreshing the spring, river or lake water may look, you should never drink directly from an unknown water source. Remember that first aid training may give us confidence and the knowledge to handle certain emergencies. This site is dedicated to teach people how to handle common emergencies and common medical problems. Bear in mind however that first aid can be applied anywhere since accidents and emergencies knows no boundary. Bear in mind that there is always a treat of being sued even when helping someone during an emergency.

But, for those that are already part of the healthcare system, there are the HCP courses, which are more appropriate. Remember that there could be hazards which could cause injury or harm to you and the victim as well. The cells protect the pharynx from bacteria that can cause diseases. This may include, fire, possible explosion, falling, entrapment or any other conditions that may cause death or additional injury to the victim at the site of the accident. First aid is the immediate temporary care given to a victim of accident or sudden illness before the availability of a physician is acquired. Most injuries and accident does not require lifesaving care. Learning this skills and with proper knowledge in first aid can fill the gap and often provide the life saving care prior to the arrival of the Emergency Medical Services. The first aider skills and what is learned in first aid training can often mean the difference between life and death, temporary or permanent disability, and rapid recovery and long hospitalization. Hazards could include, fire, possible explosion, drowning, cave in, entrapment and other life threatening situations that could kill you as you give your aid. The victim should only be moved to a safer place so that first aid can be administered without the threat to victims life or to the first aiders.