First Aid Kit Must-Haves

A ‘walking team’ was also sent to the field during the march past and performances to indentify any potential need for medical attention. Students need to attain physical classroom when they have practicle training, else online provides all information and tutorials for the training. You need to be competent in the skills and knowledge you are instructing and be competent in being an instructor. When you attend training and instruction yourself, you can learn a lot about being a good instructor by observing, both good and bad, habits of other instructors. I know how to show a gal a good time! You can buy pre-packaged kits, but it’s a good idea to know what’s inside and make any adjustments that might fit your circumstances. Eighteen medical teams from Suri Seri Begawan Hospital and Panaga Hospital comprising doctors, nurses, support staff and paramedics strolled the fields making sure the strong crowd of VIPs, students and other well-wishers were in good shape.

STUDENTS from the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (Kupu SB) concluded the two-day display of their co-curricular activities yesterday. The Red Crescent volunteers comprised secondary school students who joined the society as part of their co-curricular activities. The closing ceremony was highlighted by marching drills by the Red Crescent and Fire and Rescue cadets, followed by a series of performances by the various co-curriculum groups to display what they have learned through participation. Like other co-curricular groups, she highlighted the teamwork and bonds of friendships they formed. If it is not a natural disaster, it can be man-made and can be due to human errors such as air crashes, oilfield blowouts, maritime accidents and the like. During the march past and field performances, the Bulletin observed fewer than five people being ushered on a stretcher due to dehydration and heat stroke as temperature gradually rose in the morning. If they were going to be wounded most soldiers dreamed of a clean ‘Blighty’ one, an injury serious enough to get them back home to Britain but one that did not involve losing a limb or being disfigured. Indeed, in the world today, speaking one language is not enough. A paramedic from RIPAS, Hj Md Shahnol bin Hj Bakar, who was stationed in front of the Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Complex said, “We have only received minor cases today, nothing serious.

Work with a competent attorney to have a legally solid liability/indemnification waiver and carry insurance. Sometimes I work with other instructors and at 4H Shooting Sports we work with one-to-one or one-to-two instructor-to-student ratios for safety. Nurcahyo Utomo, an investigator at the National Transportation Safety Committee. In an interview with the Bulletin, the commander for medical coverage on Brunei’s 27th National Day, Hjh Nora bte Hj Mohd Yussof, said that they devised extensive strategies covering various locations in the capital. Watching the demonstrations was the guest of honour, Dr Ustazah Hjh Masnon Hj Ibrahim, Raes of Kupu SB. I have learned a lot by watching other instructors and have no problem borrowing or adapting something they do well. Go to the emergency room if you have to. Speaking from the mobile command post, she said, “Logistic preparations were done much earlier, even before the rehearsals to ensure a smooth operation, not only for common ailments but also for patients who require heavy duty or emergency treatments.

She said the skills she learned would be useful in emergency situations in schools, and she would be able to help students if they had injuries. I practice regularly, attend training from other instructors and schools, and even get personal coaching and training from other instructors. There’s a reason Peyton Manning uses a personal trainer. Go to First Aid trainer and learn Heavy Wool Bandage. When packing a first aid kit, there are always some simple things that must be included. You never know how long you are going to be stuck on the side of th road and it is best to be prepared for anything. And what’s in your library may someday be all the reference collection you’re ever going to have, for either short- or long-term. I’ve built a collection of firearms, accessories, and training aids that allow students to try many popular brands and models, and learn more effectively through hands-on activities that provide instant feedback. The first time I have new students on the range and they have loaded their guns I usually call a cease fire and have them unload their guns to see if they can do that safely.

Flush the cut, get all the junk out, and then apply your antibiotic which you have packed in your first aid kit. According to one of the medical teams, the affected were mainly those struck by heat exhaustion or dehydration, who were then brought to one of the five makeshift first-aid stations strategically located at the venue. First-aid tents were also seen set-up across the Taman and at designated areas in the capital as observation points and to treat minor casualties. A Year 10 student from Sekolah Menengah Masin and a volunteer from the Red Crescent Society, Zulfadli bin Hasli, expressed his delight to see the parade from inside the Taman itself. In addition she also added that over 100 volunteers from the Red Crescent society and paramedics from the Royal Brunei Armed Forces also joined hands in providing their assistance and services. Apart from providing humanitarian services and volunteering, the society also offers assistance beyond its usual scope by helping needy communities in the district and making contributions in the form of food, workforce and also first-aid kits to schools. Patients with cases of heat-stroke, blisters and mild headaches were promptly treated at out first-aid kiosk.